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    Treatment of floating oil on coolant

  • Author:jswcsrq
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  • 1.If you find floating oil on the coolant level, please release the coolant, flush the waterway and add new coolant. When using again,please observe the time and amount of floating oil on the liquid again,and determine the treatment.

    2.If there is floating oil after using more than one month, and the amount is very small, repair may be suspended. Check and repair when the enginer is repaired, and make sure the water will not be immersed in the lubrication system.

    3.When disassembling and inspecting,please firstly check whether the oil cooler is damaged. If there is leakage,please replace the gasket or oil cooler core. When replacing, pay attention to the flatness of the gasket and the tightness of the fastening bolts

    4.If the oil cooler is good,please remove the cylinder head and check cracks and sandholes.If sand holes are found, plugging agent can be used.

    5.Please carefully observe whether the water jacket hole and the oil hole for leakage marks. If so,  fine stone cotton thread can be coated with sealant bond.When bonding should pay attention to flat, not too thick, so as not to cause other leakage. If the cylinder gasket is seriously damaged, it should be replaced in time.

    6.Fastening cylinder head bolts should be noted, the bolts must be tightened according to the steps and specified torque.


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