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    Precautions of Generator High Temperature In Summer

  • Author:jswcsrq
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  • 1.Keep coolant sufficient quantity. When the engine is cold, the coolant level should between the highest and lowest marks of the expansion tank. If the liquid level is lower than the lowest mark, it should be added in time.

    2.Avoid long-time large load operation of diesel generator. If the engine loaded  too long, it will cause the coolant temperature to be too high.

    3.Keep the equipment room well ventilated.

    4.Add enough lubricant to the pulley shaft of the cooling fan to prevent it from aging

    5.The coolant must use qualified tap water, best choice is distilled water, deionized water or pure water.

    6.Use the closed cooling system correctly. Now, most diesel engines use a closed cooling system,the radiator cover is sealed, and an expansion tank is added.When the engine is working, the coolant vapor enters the expansion tank, and then flows back to the radiator after cooling, which can prevent a large amount of evaporation loss of the coolant and increase the boiling temperature of the coolant.

    7.Keep the inside and outside of the cooling system clean. The cleanliness of the cooling system is one of the important conditions for improving heat dissipation efficiency. If the outside of the radiator is stained with mud, oil, or the radiating fins are deformed due to collision, it will affect the passage of wind. The heat dissipation effect of the radiator will become worse, causing the coolant temperature to be too high.

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