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    How To Cool The Generator In Hot Summer

  • Author:jswcsrq
  • Readings:1430
  • The cooling of the generator is particularly important in summer. In addition to the heat generated by itself, the machine will also absorb heat from the surrounding air in long-term operation. If the temperature is not cooled in time, it is likely to cause machine failure. The following is a summary of the problem of how to cool the generator in the high temperature in summer for your reference.

    First, the temperature of the working environment.

    In order to ensure the normal operation of the generator, it is necessary to provide a good ventilation environment, especially to ensure that the radiator exhaust and smoke exhaust are in good condition. And keep the engine room clean and well ventilated. If it is used outdoors, Try to put the generator in a cool place. If there are no conditions, can put a wooden board on the generator to prevent direct sunlight. At the same time, please pay attention to avoid covering the exhaust hole when laying the wooden board to ensure smooth exhaust.

    Keep the cooling system clean and sufficient coolant.

    Keeping the cooling system clean can effectively improve the efficiency of the generator and provide a good operating environment. Let's take the radiator as an example. If the radiator is stained with dirt, oil, or the fins are deformed due to collision, the heat dissipation effect of the generator will be affected. If this happens during in use, it should be cleaned or repaired in time.

    When the generator set is dry and cold, the coolant level should be located between the high and low marks of the radiator, and it cannot be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the cooling effect of the generator.

    Avoid generator overloading.

    If the generator is overloaded for a long time,it will cause the cooling effect of the coolant, resulting in excessively high temperature of the generator and affect normal use.


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