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    Generator High Temperature Solutions

  • Author:jswcsrq
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  • The main reasons for the high temperature of diesel generators are as follows:

    1)Improper selection of coolant or insufficient amount of water will cause the cooling performance to decline and increase the temperature of the coolant.

    2)Blockage of radiator .The radiator fins large area fall down, and there are blockages such as sludge and debris between the fins, which will prevent heat dissipation. Especially when the surface of the radiator is stained with organic oil, the thermal conductivity of the sludge mixture formed by dust and engine oil is smaller than that of scale, which seriously hinders the heat dissipation effect.

    3)Wrong indication of water temperature gauge or warning light includes damage to water temperature sensor,line strikes or indicator malfunctions, resulting in false alarms. At this time, you can use a surface thermometer to measure the temperature at the water temperature sensor and observe whether the indication of the water temperature gauge matches the actual temperature.

    4)The fan speed is too low, and the air supply effect is weakened. If the belt is found to be too loose, it should be adjusted. If the rubber is aging, damaged or the fiber layer is broken, it should be replaced.

    5)The cooling water pump failed.The water pump is damaged, the speed is too low,too much scale deposition in the pump, and the channel is narrowing will reduce the coolant flow rate, reduce the heat dissipation performance, and increase the oil temperature of the diesel generator.


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