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    Intercooler Function

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  • Increase power

     After cooling and boosting, the increased intake air temperature will  increases the oxygen per unit volume, increases the air-fuel ratio and makes the fuel burn more fully, which will achieve the purpose of increasing the engine power. According to large amount of data, under constant pressure, the engine power will increase by about 3%-5% for every 10°C drop in the temperature of the supercharged air; or at the same power, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 1.5%,which can reduce the maximum combustion temperature and the average temperature of the entire cycle by 3°C.

     Reduce engine heat and mechanical load to improve engine life.

     According to calculation,the maximum combustion temperature and exhaust temperature can be reduced by 2-3°C for each 1°C reduction in compressed air.Under the same average effective pressure, intercooler reduces the intake temperature by 55-105°C, which can effectively relieve the engine's heat load .Intercooler is necessary for improving engine performance. Under the  approximately same air density, the cylinder pressure can be reduced and then the mechanical load can be relieved.

     Intercooler is able to effectively reduce the emission of exhaust pollutants and noise.Increase intercooler pressure can make the emissions reach Euro II and Euro III standards.

     Improve adaptability to high altitude area

     In high-altitude areas, users can use  a compressor with a higher pressure ratio with the intercooler.Thus,the engine power can be greatly improved.

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