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    Generator Radiator Water Temperature

  • Author:jswcsrq
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  • There is clear provision for generator water temperature, but some ike to adjust the outlet water temperature very low, even close to the lower limit. They believe that the water temperature is low, air erosion will not occur in the pump, the cooling water or liquid will not be interrupted, and its guaranteed. In fact, as long as the water temperature does not exceed 95°C,air erosion will not occur, and the cooling water or liquid will not be interrupted. Otherwise, if the water temperature is too low, it is extremely harmful to the generator operation.

    1If temperature is low,combustion is worsen in the cylinder, poor fuel atomization, increased combustion period after fire, and rough engine operation, aggravated the damage of crankshaft bearings, piston rings and other parts, reduced power and economy.

    2、The water vapor after combustion is easy to condense on the cylinder wall, causing metal corrosion.

    3、Burning diesel fuel may dilute the oil and make the lubrication worse.

    4、Incomplete fuel combustion results in the formation of gum, which causes the piston ring to be stuck in the piston ring groove, the valve is stuck, and the pressure in the cylinder decreases when the compression ends.

    5、If the water temperature is too low, the oil temperature is also low, the oil becomes thicker, the fluidity becomes poor, the oil volume of the oil pump is small, and the oil supply of the generator is insufficient.Also, the crankshaft bearing clearance 


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